Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Procedure After Care​

1. Day 1 (day of the procedure):​

  • Oily skin should be cleansed every 30 min for the first 3 hours (6 times in total) after the procedure using a damp cotton (clean bottled water) and washing hands before each cleaning.

  • Dry skin should be cleansed every hour for the first 3 hours (total of 3 times).

  • Right after the last wipe apply a thin layer of Aquaphor Healing Ointment (available for purchase in any grocery store, in the kids section).

  • Before bed, oily skin may be washed using warm water and very gently removing the lymph. Then gently dry and apply ointment.

  • Dry skin may not be washed if the skin does not have visible lymph on top of it, just make sure your skin is moist before going to the bed.

2. Day 2:

  • Oily or dry skin may be washed one more time if the skin eliminated lymph during night. Then gently dry and apply thin layer of ointment. If no lymph visible then just keep the eyebrows hydrated with the ointment as needed (when you feel the skin is dry).

3. Days 3-7 or even longer (until the scabs are gone):

      • Everyone’s skin has its own healing process and duration. It is recommended to apply ointment as long as the skin is still scabbed, and even after. The ointment will help your skin regenerate faster and better.

      • AVOID water (for the PMU area), makeup, excessive sweating, sauna, pools, sunbathing, do not PEEL the scabs at all (you may cause scarring if otherwise).

      • Do NOT apply anything besides Aquaphor ointment such as Vaseline, antibiotic creams, Neosporin etc. Grapeseed oil may be used to substitute Aquaphor.

      • During 4 weeks after the procedure it's better to not use creams that contain acids or ingredients that will lighten or exfoliate the skin.