Lips Permanent Makeup Procedure After Care​

1. Day 1 (day of the procedure):

  • It is very important to gently remove the lymph from the skin in order to avoid heavy scabbing. Right after the procedure cleanse the lips with damp cotton (clean bottled water) every 30 min till you go to bed. If the lips still got some dry lymph then wash with warm water gently removing the dry lymph. Then dry gently and apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment (you can find it in any grocery store, in kids section)

  • Sometimes the lips can bruise even after the procedure, do not worry, the bruising will go away within couple hours after the procedure.

2. Day 2:

  • The lips may swell on the second day as well. Please do not apply ice to the lip skin.

  • Keep the skin moist, do not let the lips to dry.

3. Days 3-7 or even longer (until the scabs are gone):

  • Keep applying the ointment as needed (if you feel that the lips start drying).

  • AVOID water (for the PMU area), makeup, excessive sweating, sauna, pools, sunbathing. Do not PEEL the scabs at all (you may cause scarring)​.

  • Do not apply anything beside Aquaphor ointment such as Vaseline, antibiotic creams, Neosporin etc. Grapeseed oil may be used to substitute Aquaphor.

  • During 4 weeks after the procedure it's better to not use creams that contain acids or ingredients that will lighten or exfoliate the skin.