Eyebrows consultation

30 min | $40

If you are not sure what procedure fits you best, or you have any concerns and would like to discuss them first, please schedule a consultation and I will do my best to help you finding the best solution and answer all of your questions.

Consultation + brow procedure

1 hr 30 min | $95

(Henna brows or Brow Lift of your choice. Shaping and tint are included to any of the procedures if needed

Best for the first time clients who don’t know what procedure to choose but would like to get their eyebrows done right away. 

Please, note: Permanent makeup can’t be done at the day of consultation.

Regular consultation 

30 min | $35

60 min | $70

(Training/ licensing/ personal)

Please, make sure you send me all (most) of the questions you have at least 48 hours prior consultation so I can better assist you.